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Before You Install a Pool

You know you want a pool but are not sure where to begin? Here you’ll find a few things to consider before you go full-steam ahead. From considering where you will position the swimming pool to thinking about why you are choosing to build one in the first place. We understand it’s a big commitment and we want to make sure you have all the facts first.

 What are the biggest things I should consider before building a swimming pool?

  Is the spot I have chosen for my pool going to work?

Swimming Pool Buyers Guide FAQ - Swimming Pool Costs

Swimming Pool Costs

Cost is a big factor to consider when buying your swimming pool. Here you’ll find information about how much you can expect to pay in total for your pool, what factors will affect the price, and how to ensure that you stay within your budget. We’re here to help you select the best options for your needs, with the highest quality product and construction, at a rate you can actually afford.

 How much will a swimming pool cost me?

A guide to purchasing price of a pool and operating cost

 What will the price of my pool depend on?

 How do I build a swimming pool within my budget?

Swimming Pool Buyers Guide FAQ - Constructing Your Pool

Constructing Your Pool

When it comes to the construction of your swimming pool, we want to make the process as easy and smooth as possible for you as well as keep you fully informed. Here you can find out about how long the construction process will take and how your swimming pool is constructed. You’ll find out about each step during the construction process and what it involves. Also if you’re building a new home, we have some advice for you and information on how to future-proof your new pool to ensure it lasts.

 How long will it take to build my swimming pool?

 How is my swimming pool constructed

 What can I expect and when can I expect it during my pool construction?

 How long is each step in the pool construction process?

 How can I get over pool construction access issues to my property?

 I’m building a new home – Which should come first, the pool or the house?

 How do I build a swimming pool that is future proof?

Swimming Pool Buyers Guide FAQ - Fibreglass Pool Features

Swimming Pool Design and Features

Here comes the fun part! When you begin to design your new swimming pool we bet you have an idea in mind of what you want. There are many pool design options available to choose from at Compass Pools. You’ll find out all about which pool layout can suit your needs best, the differences between concrete and fibreglass pools, different colour options, various shapes and pool sizes. We also provide answers on water tanks and pool capacity, as well as free-standing pool options.

 What will be the best pool layout with the maximum benefits?

 What are the differences between concrete and fibreglass swimming pools?

 What are my colour options for my new swimming pool?

 What kind of swimming pool shapes and sizes can I choose from?

 What are my design options with a fibreglass swimming pool?

 Do I need a water tank when installing a pool?

 I want a free-standing pool – What are my options?

Swimming Pool Buyers Guide FAQ - Why Select Compass Pools

Why Compass Pools

Compass Pools has been a family run and operated business since 1980, producing well over 30,000 pools Australia-wide. We pride ourselves on building the very best pools with the latest technology, whilst combining this with exceptional design. Here we’ll answer your questions as to why out clients choose us, stick with us, and love our pools so much.

 What is the best advice Compass Pools can give me when buying a swimming pool?

 Why choose Compass Pools over other brands?

 Why do our clients love Compass Pools?

 Why do people prefer pools with Vantage in-floor cleaning system?

 What materials do we use to build the best pools?

 What is the Compass Pools fibreglass manufacturing process?

 How are Compass Pools fibreglass pools unique and different?/

Swimming Pool Buyers Guide FAQ - Swimming Pool Care

Swimming Pool Care

Owning a swimming pool has often been synonymous with a lot of maintenance. With Compass Pools it doesn’t have to be. We have engaged the latest in self-cleaning pool technology (you heard right – self-cleaning!) to make your life easier. Find out why it’s not that hard to maintain a pool anymore and what we mean by ‘self-cleaning’ pool. It’s much easier than you might think!

 Does owning a pool mean a lot of hard work?

 What are the benefits of pool circulation systems?

 How does the in-floor pool cleaning system work?

 How is the self-cleaning pool system better?

 What are the benefits of salt chlorination systems?

 What are you expected to do to keep your pool in tiptop shape?

Choosing to install a swimming pool is no small purchase. If you are considering buying a pool we have no doubt you have plenty of questions you need answered. Here at Compass Pools we pride ourselves on giving our clients the right information and advice. We take the time to understand your unique situation and needs in order to find the best-fitting solution. This is what sets us apart from the rest.

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