Just because our pools are preformed in a factory doesn’t mean you can’t customise them to suit your backyard and personal taste. There are many ways you can change and enhance your Compass pool to create a truly unique design.

Beaches and Benches

Personalise your pool by selecting one of our Beach Zone or Grand Entry Benches – Perfect for family play areas and unique design scape.

Beach Zones are available in varying lengths and can be placed in various selected areas of your pool. The Grand Entry Bench is 4.2m in length and can also be placed in various selected areas of your pool.

Compass Pools Australia beaches and benches customisations
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Enhance the look of your pool by adding a custom-designed Sunpod. These tiled water features can be added in any size along the edge of your pool and look spectacular. The inground water bubblers help turn your entire pool into a water feature and offer hours of entertainment for children of all ages.

Sunpods are a cost effective way to add a personal touch to the design of your pool area and are one of the most popular custom options we offer.

Pool and spa combos

Live the good life and enjoy the ultimate pool area with a pool and spa combo! Your local Compass Pool dealer can offer plenty of advice on how to integrate a spa into your pool plans. Choose from our two spa options or if you prefer to create a shallow place to relax in the sun or for children to play then the Wader add-on may be exactly what you are looking for.

Choose to treat your spa or wader as a separate body of water from your pool or order a customised design to join the two pools together as one.

Acrylic or Disappearing Edges

Disappearing edges (otherwise known as vanishing edges or infinity pools) are one of the most asked-about pool customisations we offer. If you plan to have an above-ground pool then this could certainly be an option for you. If you are considering a disappearing edge on your pool then it pays to do your research.

Infinity/vanishing edges require a catchment tank as well as extra pumps and they can be noisy. In recent years we have developed acrylic edge options. Acrylic edges allow you to create the same effect as a vanishing edge, but with fewer downsides; no water overflowing from the pool edge means no need for additional tanks, no need for extra pumps, no noise from falling water and less heat loss.

Water features

The truth is you’ll spend more time looking at your pool than you will be swimming it in (especially in the colder months), so why not make it a captivating water feature in your back yard?

Bring your pool to life with waterfalls, water walls, jets, fountains, custom LED lighting or more. Speak to your local Compass Pools dealer about ways that you can add your own personal touch.

Compass Pools Vogue swimming pool shape with a water wall feature