Partially or Fully Above Ground Fibreglass Pools with the Maxi Rib Technology

Just because our pools are preformed in a factory doesn’t mean you can’t customise them to suit your backyard and personal taste. There are many ways you can change and enhance your Compass pool to create a truly unique design – including an infinity pool with disappearing edges. Read more about Maxi Rib which enables us to build above ground swimming pools with the fibreglass technology.

Compass Maxi Rib pools cost more than a inground pool installation, but often less than out-of-ground concrete options, and less than conducting significant additional earthworks and/or building retaining walls to accommodate an inground pool.

Above Ground Fibreglass Pool with Maxi-Rib?

A Compass pool can be installed almost anywhere!

Thanks to our innovative Maxi Rib technology, a Compass Pool can be installed on almost any site. Maxi Rib technology means your Compass Ceramic Fibreglass pool can be installed above ground. It provides the necessary support for your pool shell in any situation enabling to build beautiful infinity pools. At the image below you can see an X-Trainer swimming pool manufactured as a Maxi Rib Pool.

What is Maxi Rib technology?

The Maxi Rib system is a unique technology which is only available with Compass Pools. Essentially we use a rib-like structure to provide the necessary support to enable the pool to be installed above ground on a concrete platform or on prepared natural ground. This means that sloping or difficult sites can easily be catered for.

A Maxi Rib could help you to save thousands of dollars

Typically installing swimming pools on sloping sites is fraught with difficulty and added engineering expenses. The invention of Maxi Rib has meant that Compass Pools can offer a relatively straight forward solution. Because Maxi Rib pools have been installed on many different sites we know exactly what to do to make your pool project simple to manage and cost effective. Above ground swimming pools are now available also to people looking at high-quality fibreglass pools. More attractive to future buyers – Compass offer the added benefit of having a completely automated cleaning system.

3 different ways to install your pool

You can choose from three different installations methods when installing your new swimming pool

Fully in-ground swimming pools

Fully in-ground swimming pools tend to be the most popular option. Installing your pool completely in the ground is perfect if you have a normal, mainly flat site. One of the reasons inground swimming pools are so common is because it helps to reduce the overall price/cost of the pool.

Partially above-ground swimming pools

Not all sites are flat, and from time to time your backyard may be better suited to a design where your swimming pool is part in-ground and part above-ground. In these situations, your local Compass Pool planner can recommend a number of different solutions including our drop-edge coping beam our Maxi Lite™ system. Both of these systems allow you to install your pool so that the water level sits up to 1m above ground.

MaxiLite ™ and drop-edge beams are perfect if you would like your pool to meet the height of an existing deck, retaining wall or other raised are in your back yard.

Fully above-ground swimming pools

Many people think that if they want to install their pool significantly above natural ground level that they will need to either conduct major earthworks, build retaining walls or resort to an expensive highly engineered concrete swimming pool. This isn’t true.

The unique Maxi Rib system which is exclusive to Compass Pools eliminates the need for expensive ground works or complicated concrete designs. In most cases installing a Compass Maxi Rib Pool will be more cost effective than the added earthworks/retaining or Concrete Pool alternatives.

Talk to us if you

  • Have a sloping site which will require some or all of your pool walls to be above ground level
  • Want to include a vanishing/ infinity edge with your pool or windows in the wall of your pool
  • Wish for your pool to be installed on a deck/patio area above natural ground level
  • Want to install a pool close to a building
  • Need your pool to be partially out of ground for landscape design reasons

Above Ground Fibreglass Pools Installation Ideas

Often used in the infinity pool concept

Maxi-rib Technology

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